Moya Slavita

The enterprise lets out more than 120 product names: milk (pasteurized, ultrapasteurized, sterilized), sour-milk production, sour cream, cottage cheese and the cottage cheese products, the glazed curd cakes, desserts, baby food, cheeses (fused and sychuzhny), oil sladkoslivochny, spreads, dry skim milk, a dry dairy product, casein, etc.
Molochnoe Kruzhevo

The trading house «Dairy lace» is the official representative of JSC Molochnye produkty in Russia, and is the largest supplier of dairy production of Belarus.
The Gomel dairy combine issues more than 100 names of dairy production. The main part is the share of whole-milk production: milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurts.
Polesskie Syry

ChUP «Polessky cheeses» today — this modern, dynamically developing enterprise, one of the largest in the Gomel area. Here overwork in change to 270 tons of milk. Present capacities allow to let out per day to 10 tons of whole-milk production, 10 tons of butter, 3 tons of firm cheeses, 2 tons of casein.
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Traditional products

All dairy products made on JSC Molochnye produkty, natural also correspond to GOST. They are issued on the basis of traditional technologies, aren't exposed to long thermal processing, in them dyes and preservatives aren't added. Thanks to it our production differs excellent taste and is useful to health.

JSC Molochnye produkty takes today a worthy place among producers of dairy production in neighboring countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, foreign countries. Among buyers of dry skim milk and oil — Belgium, France, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the USA.
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