JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS Fair price for decent product

Being the first to introduced the system of food safety management which goes in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 22000-2006, Gomel manufacturers of dairy products turned out to be on one step ahead of their competitors. Gomel products, certified to the latest international safety standards, became much more competitive. This means that the opportunities to increase export sales of dairy products was expanded.

The team of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS works hard to implement these features in full. The sales are growing, and a profits increase by the markets and the geography of export deliveries expanding. A vote of confidence in the clean, safe and healthy dairy products from Gomel remains high. This increases an investment attractiveness of the company. Certification is also an improvement of production processes by upgrading of existing facilities, designing, new technologies implementing and usage of innovative tools and methods of control. In 2011, the company worked well enough thanks for this, although that year was not an easy one for them. The exports were increased by almost 25%, the geography of delivers was expanded, the equipment was modernized, and the company gained the foothold at the native and foreign markets. And for the high quality of their products they were awarded medals and prizes of various prestigious international forums, became the winners of the republican contest Product of the Year and The Best Goods of Belarus. But the company is not going to stop on the results achieved. New plans are scheduled for 2012: continue manufacturing modernization and purchase some modern technological equipment, modernize and purchase new packaging lines, and expand the product range. And the fact that the one of the biggest enterprises of Belarus in its industry has become an export-oriented one only adds the team of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS more responsibility for the country’s food security.

What about me I would like to add: when I hear some complaints in a store from buyers that such product brands like Moya Slavita or Molochnoye Kruzhevo has become a bit more expensive, I always want to tell them that a decent product should cost a decent price. Our health is worth it. And today there is a choice for everyone.