Polesskie Syry: the modern technology

The company in Khoiniki will be the first in the Gomel region to process sour-milk whey.

In Khoiniki the headquarters for building of this innovative industry is established. It is headed by Chairman of Khoiniki Regional Executive Committee Alexander Titok. Its meetings are hold weekly; the headquarters not only monitor the course of new building, but also provides a high rate of building works. The construction of this important for the Gomel region high import-substituting production runs under the watchful guidance of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS and JSC HOLDING MANAGEMENT COMPANY “GOMEL MEAT AND DAIRY COMPANY”. “The speedy implementation of the investment project is one of the priorities of our work today,” says the Head of Poles’e Production Site of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS Tatiana Gramovich.

A distinctive feature of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS is putting the installation of modern advanced technology at the forefront. This joint-stock company consists of several companies of the Gomel region. This spring the factory POLESSKIE SYRY in Khoiniki also has become a part of the company. It got a new name Poles’e Production Site (with the trade mark Polesskie Syry). “In order to re-equip Poles’e manufacturing plant we assigned more than 10 million euros,” said General Director of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS Vladimir Kotsur. Today, the company develops two investment projects: installation of an automated production line for making and salting of cheese up to 8 tons per day and building of a new department for all types of dairy processing with the capacity of 500 tons per day.

“To increase cheese production in the Gomel region we decided to purchase a new automatic line for cheese manufacturing. There was a contract signed with the company OBRAMA (Poland) to supply equipment worth 4.8 million euros. The first consignment has been already received. Now we elaborate the design and budget documentation, and in the second half of 2012 the automatic line will be launched,” says the Head of Poles’e Production Site of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS Tatiana Gramovich. “This will allow us to produce not only a Russian cheese group, but also the cheese of Dutch group (in the form of euro block), to increase output and improve product quality, to expand the geography of deliveries”.

But the company is particularly proud of the implementation of a national innovation project of whey and whey-n-fat concentrate drying in Khoiniki. This type of processing of sour (curd and casein) whey didn’t exist in Belarus before. “The project will let us recycle our own secondary dairy resources (casein, cheese, cottage cheese, whey) from the enterprises in the Gomel and partly Mogilev regions and produce products that will be used both for food and as the components of milk substitutes in the animals diet,” says Vladimir Kotsur.

“The project implementation will also contribute to ecological environment improving, introduction and applying of advanced technologies in processing and re-processing of secondary dairy resources, waste-free processing and enhancement of raw material processing – milk, increase the amount of commodity output per ton of milk, expand the range of products, import substitution, create new work positions, increase the export potential,” lists the advantages Tatiana Gramovich.

“Slovak company VZDUHOTORG is a supplier of the equipment which costs 8.22 million euros. We received a positive inter-institutional expertise of architectural design of the project documentation, did all the preparatory work, now construction and installation work on the construction of the building and site preparation to equipment accommodation and installation is being carried out,” says the chief engineer of JSC HOLDING MANAGEMENT COMPANY “GOMEL MEAT AND DAIRY COMPANY” Vladimir Levkovsky. “After the plant is launched its power will produce 26 tons of demineralized whey and 36 tons of whey-n-fat concentrate a day. With further implementation of modern technological processes for milk processing we will be able to product other goods as well. After starting the production in 2012 the amount of GDP will be about 100 billion rubles a year”.

Poles’e Production Site of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS specializes in the production of butter with the fat mass fraction of 82.5 percent and 72.5 percent, semi-hard cheese of the Russian group with the fat mass fraction from 30 to 50 per cent, casein. The products sold under the trademark Polesskie Syry are popular not only in Belarus but also abroad (in Poland, Germany, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine...). During the first 9 months of this year the goods worth over 50 billion rubles have been exported.

It is encouraging that the Khoiniki team didn’t stop to improve their results. A large-scale modernization is being held there. “The launching of automated lines for cheese production and salting and opening of the department for diary whey processing raises the level of industrial potential of the region,” – is sure the Chairman of the Khoiniki Executive Committee Alexander Titok.