Today, all the milk used in dairy goods production is processed by five modern pasteurization and refrigera-tion machines working in automatic mode. It is important that they include bactofugeurs, which almost com-pletely purify milk not only of random tiny particles, but also of all kinds of microorganisms. Due to this process a heat purifying of milk runs under milder conditions, which helps saving biological value of dairy products and increasing their guaranteed period of storage.

Launching of an automated line for glazed curd allowed producing high quality products and almost unlim-ited number of their intra-range. Also there was put into operation a German automated line for production of traditional and granulated cottage cheese Alpma. The entire production process on it is administered by a given program, besides a touch of human hands to the product.

Starting a line for the whipped products, which includes a membrane unit for the whole range of milk proteins separating, allows producing curd desserts with a variety of soft cheese fillings obtained by ultrafiltration.

Line installation for yogurt production gives an opportunity to produce a wide range of yogurt from “live” ones to those that can be stored for a long time (heat-treated) with different fillings and without them.

Four automatic machines for liquid dairy products bottling provide the highest quality of the packing.

There was also put into operation the only in Belarus horizontal mounting machine, designed for filling and packaging of sour cream into packages such as Doy-pack. The package is a flexible vacuum packaging with the bottom, through which a filled package can stand upright. The modern technology of heat treatment and the use of high quality ingredients provide the duration of sour cream storage in this pack-age.

With the participation of Slovak firms the dryers were upgraded as well. There was introduced a new technology of coolant supply to the plant drying tower of dry milk products. This allows saving heat energy, and it is very important with the rising prices for energy resources.

Our milk meets international requirements and valued at neighbor and distant foreign markets.

We solve the problem concerning economical use of energy, which has a positive effect on products cost and increases their competitiveness in price.

Particular attention is paid to the culture of production, sanitation, improvement of plants, sites, areas, workers working and living conditions.

Technical re-equipment was carried out both at corporate headquarters and the PUE RECHITSA-MILK and POLESSKIE SYRY.

For example, in 2009, PUE RECHITSA-MILK got the equipment for curd and semisolid cheese produc-tion (provided by the firm NIKOE HRANINZHERING BOOD, the Republic of Bulgaria), and the line for butter production by higher fatty acids converting.

At the PUE POLESSKIE SYRY from January to November 2009 we received and set up new equipment for ammonia compressor, modernized production line of casein. For observance of a temperature-humidity regime in the process of cheese products manufacture we purchased and mounted a freon refrigeration unit for the cheese salting camera. Also the press was replaced in the department of cheeses production.

In 2011, the company installed a new line for production of sterilized milk in packaging Tetra Brick Aseptic (TBA) and UHT milk in PET bottles.

Due to the high quality we are able to compete successfully at the native market and abroad.