History of the plant

The official biography of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS begins on 31 December 1982. This day the building was completed, or to be exact, the state commission signed the act about putting into operation of Gomel Dairy Plant. But actually this story started much earlier.

The first large-scale milk processing company in Gomel was founded in 1927 on the basis of marketing cooperative Milk Shop, which later got the name Central Dairy. For its outfitting a set of equipment was purchased from German firm Astro-Version. In 1929, the re-design was completed. The power of the first dairy plant was about 12 tons of milk per day. During World War II the factory building was destroyed by the German invader, its restoration was completed only in 1949.

In 1951, the first reconstruction of the Gomel Diary Plant was carried out, and in 1959-1963 there was the second upgrade including the appearance of a two-storey building on the same site.

In 1977, it was decided to build a new dairy plant on a new site in Gomel, and the old milk factory was reconstructed into an ice-cream factory, as there was no specialized company for the production of this product.

New dairy plant included: a department of diary goods production with the capacity of 230 tons of milk per shift, a butter department (11 tons per shift), a milk drying department (10 tons per shift) and six sup-port departments: of the finished production, container, repair and construction, electrical, boiler, com-pressor. The total volume of the feedstock was 450 tons per shift.

In 1990, the volume of feedstock was 281.2 thousand tons per shift. In October of that year the ice cream department became an independent unit. Now it is a Joint Limited Liability Company INGMAN ICE-CREAM.

In 1991, on the territory of dairy plant a new department of baby food started its work, where dairy goods for children from the age of three were produced.

In 1992, the there was commissioned a new well-equipped department of sterilized products.

In 1994, Gomel Dairy Plant was converted into JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS. This name has been preserved to the present day.

As a result of reforms in 2005 in the company joined: two branches – Dobrush and Loev dairy plants and three private unitary companies –RECHITSA MILK (Rechitsa), POLESSKIE SYRY (Khoiniki) and Trading House MOLOCHNOE KRUZHEVO (Gomel).

In 2006-2008 a large-scale modernization of production was carried out at the factory. As the result – in-crease of manufacturing efficiency, quality and competitiveness of products, exports increase, improve-ment of financial standing of the company on account of commissioning of a new world best technology equipment, which has the main advantage: automation of the technological process.

To optimize the production Dobrush branch of JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS was reorientated: now it makes overalls, corrugated boxes, plastic windows and doors. And in 2011, RECHITSA MILK and Polesskie Syry were converted into production sites of the parent company.

JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS today is a modern plant, equipped with hi-tech machines from leading native and foreign companies. Dairy plant production capacity is about 1,000 tons of milk per day, refining ca-pacity – 900 tons.

There have been ups and downs in the history of the company. The name was changed, its departments and sites were put into operation and reconstruction, but one thing remained the same – high quality products and their ever-increasing range.

Every day, our employees are writing new pages in the modern history of the company, constantly updat-ing it with new plans and achievements.