The company today

JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS is one of the biggest enterprises of Belarus in the industry and for more than 25 years it fulfills with honor an important task to provide the population of the region and the whole Republic by high-quality dairy products. In this case the main purpose of the plant is meeting the needs of customers in a natural, high quality and useful goods. Its production is carried out from high quality raw materials used without the addition of synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives.

We bring people happiness and wellness. High quality is achieved thanks to newest high-tech equipment, professional staff, well built system of quality management. The company has implemented and certified the quality systems that meet international standards of ISO 9001-2001, HACCP, OSH. This allows producing clean, safe and healthy products.

JSC DAIRY PRODUCTS wants to take into account the desires and needs of its customers. Therefore, our products have favorite flavor and convenient packaging, and the range of them is over 120 titles. Today, our portfolio consists of three brands:

  • Moya Slavita
  • Molochnoe Kruzhevo
  • Polesskie Syry

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